FCC Chairman applauds U.K., Germany sharing Trump’s security concerns by rejecting China’s Huawei

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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai applauded the U.K. and Germany for sharing President Trump’s security concerns by rejecting widespread reliance on China’s telecom giant Huawei for their 5G infrastructure.

Late last month, the German government announced that while it was not banning Huawei, it would increase government scrutiny of the Chinese firm, making it more difficult for Huawei to compete. In July, the British government moved to ban telecom companies from purchasing new equipment made by Huawei for their 5G networks, following encouragement from the United States.

Pai said he had personally visited the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Bahrain and Malaysia to obtain “a shared understanding of what the risks are” on 5G and other issues.

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