Kamala Harris is still in the red – $1M from failed presidential bid.

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California Senator and Democratic VP running mate to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, owes unpaid bills from her failed 2019 presidential bid. Records with the Federal Election Committee show current filings listed owing $1,136,022.13 million dollars to vendors in outstanding loans.

Harris, who currently sits in 4 Congressional Committees – raised about $39 million during her 2019 campaign to become the Democratic nominee while spending about $40 million. She suspended her campaign in December amid a lack of money cited FOX Business.  

According to Bloomberg News, which first reported the story, Harris’ campaign owes $523,883 to Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm whose election lawyers work for top Democrats. TorchStone Global LLC was owed $160,702, and SCRB Strategies, a California political consulting firm, was owed $92,408.

At the end of June, Harris’ campaign had just $116,380 in the bank, the filings show.

According to Fox News, Harris is not the only 2020 hopeful who ended the race owing money to vendors. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a nearly $1.8 million obligation and $833,313 in the bank.

Biden’s campaign can assist minimally, with federal election laws barring it from donating more than $2,000 to assist with the debt. The Democratic National Committee can give a maximum of $5,000.

However, Biden can ask his supporters to help Harris. In 2008, after engaging in a fierce battle with Barack Obama to become the party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton ended her campaign with more than $20 million in debt.

 Harris has other means of erasing the debt that don’t require new donations. She made more than $386,000 in April and May by renting her list of supporters to a digital consulting firm. In January, she made $8,390 selling equipment to hedge fund manager Tom Steyer’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Although most MSM are declaring Harris to be “Making History” as the first Black-Indian American woman to be running for Vice President, Harris is not the first minority VP nominee in history. In 1952, Charlotta Bass, an activist, became the first Black woman to run for vice president in the United States, running on the Progressive Party ticket, reported by USA Today. 

In November of 2019, a poll, conducted by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies for The Times, showed that  61% to 24%, likely Democratic primary voters in California thought Harris should quit the bid for the Presidential race.

The Senator dropped out of the Presidential race polling in the low single digits.

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