New Albany pilot pleads guilty in child exploitation case

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NEW ALBANY, Ind. – A New Albany pilot held in Floyd County jail since January on child exploitation charges pleaded guilty Tuesday; the plea has been taken under advisement by the judge.

Robert W. Brown Jr., 48, was arrested Jan. 17 after an investigation that police say uncovered more than 1,000 images and videos of children of various ages that were sexual in nature. He was initially charged with three level 4 felonies for child exploitation. In March, two new charges were added and later amended to level 5 felonies for possession of child pornography after the investigation led to more than 1,000 additional files.

Brown entered a guilty plea in Court Tuesday to the three level 4 felonies for child exploitation, which, if the judge accepts, could carry a sentence of 12 to 36 years. The two other charges would be dropped according to the plea, as would two other related cases opened against Brown since his incarceration.

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