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ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Six defendants have been sentenced to a combined 81 years in prison for their respective roles in the sex trafficking of a minor victim and an adult victim at multiple locations in Northern Virginia and Maryland in 2018 and 2019.

“Sex traffickers often prey upon the most vulnerable victims in our society and intentionally exploit those vulnerabilities,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “The damage inflicted upon children through this form of sexual exploitation is immeasurable. The victim—survivors are subject to multiple forms of mental, physical, and emotional trauma, the scars of which never fully fade. The minor victim in this case was particularly vulnerable, and her traffickers used fear, coercion, and control to abuse and exploit her entire being for profit. We will remain dogged in our pursuit of all those who perpetrate this modern day slavery.”



  1. The punishment they receive here will be nothing compared to the punishment they receive when they stand before God and have to give an account for what they’ve done.

  2. They only got 13 or 14 years of prison time each!!! Theyll be out on bail and undeterred in much less time. This sentence is outrageously light, although better than nothing, I suppose.

  3. Coincidence that Democrats run their cities into the ground? Makes for easy prey in their own back yards. I didn’t see too many women and children homeless on the streets in San Fran

  4. What does “combined” 81 years mean, that between the 6 they got 81 or they all got 81? Not enough time in any event. The victims will suffer for the rest of their lives.


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