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Afghanistan claims killing an al-Qaeda leader wanted by FBI

ABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan claimed Sunday it killed a top al-Qaeda propagandist on an FBI most-wanted list during an operation in the country’s east,...

Original Draft of Flynn Interview Report Destroyed Based on Policy, DOJ Says

The original draft report from an FBI interview of former Trump adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was deleted, according to a letter the Department of Justice...

Conservative women’s activist slams feminist silence on Hunter Biden child endangerment report

A conservative women's activist is slamming feminist silence about evidence reported to Delaware police implicating Hunter Biden in alleged female child endangerment. As Just the...

DOJ Releases Report on its Efforts to Disrupt, Dismantle, and Destroy MS-13

Today, the Department of Justice released “Full Scale Response: A Report on the Department’s Efforts to Combat MS-13 from 2016-2020.” This report describes the...